Tab Cribs: Catz

So you reckon you’ve seen everything Cambridge accommodation has to offer? Think again.

Amy Lambert Cambridge Cambridge University Students Tab Cribs

St Catharine’s College is not necessarily renowned for its abundance of architecturally beautiful rooms.  In our search for the fittest rooms in the university, however, I discovered something there that I had originally thought unthinkable: A MEZZANINE-BEDROOM.

Room Stats:

Ensuite Bathroom (newly furnished)

Lounge/ Study Area (complete with two armchairs and desk)

Bedroom (a simple climb up your personal staircase)

How did you get the room?

I was lucky enough to come near the top in the non-Scholars’ ballot and just managed to scoop up one of the last few mezzanine rooms.  I like to think it was fated.

What are the main perks of the room?

The room has an amazing open layout which is a definite plus.  I get a lot of sun throughout the day, so it’s always bright which can be a real pick-me-up when you’re staring down the barrel of another dire essay.  There’s also a skylight in the ceiling above my bed, so you can rise with the sun if you are so inclined.  Trips to the gyp room are a thing of the past, as a fridge is included in the room. This also puts an end to milk thievery, which is a highly enviable perk.

Has anything scandalous happened here to your knowledge?

Rumour has it that the previous owner used to try and smuggle as many people as possible into college and see how long they could live with him before the bedders found out and had them evicted.  I believe he managed at least ten before college cottoned on.

How far would you go to get this room?

As this is the sort of room which usually gets snapped up by a Scholar, I’d seriously consider getting a first in order to secure it.  Well, I’d think about it. Maybe. It is a nice room.

How would you rate this room, out of ten?

A perfect ten.

Wish you had a mezzanine bedroom? Yeah, me too.  But we can’t all experience the joys of multi-storey living.  Stay tuned for the next installment of Tab Cribs as we head back to rooms which look like they have been lifted straight from the pages of Country Life.  Who knows what delights you’ve been missing?