Tab Predictions: What Has The Future Got In Store For You?

Stuck in a post-bop haze? Unable to divine whether you’ll be attending a supervision on Monday or still chucking up? Check your horoscopes here.

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For thousands of years, mystical occurrences and the occult held sway over the world.  People would flock from all over to have their fortune read and the mysteries of the universe unravelled.

What is this we hear you cry- you too require such knowledge? Fear not! There is no need to seek the Oracle at Delphi, oh no.  Here at The Tab, we have a greater grasp of the esoteric than most. Luckily for you, our resident psychic is happy to share their insight with you.  Track down your star sign and read on for a glimpse into the ether…

Aries 20 March- 20 April

Love is in the cards for you, dear Aries.  That sexy undergrad you had your eye on will finally realise your intentions and respond accordingly.  Love affairs abound.  Now is a good time for new beginnings and all your enterprises will flourish.

Lucky rune: Berkano

Taurus 21 April  – 20 May

Itchy feet already? Now is a great time for you to be travelling, be it to Grantchester or beyond.  You are becoming aware of the bigger picture and are capable of finally making the decision which has been haunting you. Embrace the rhythm of life.

Lucky rune: Raidho

Gemini 21 May – 20 June

Your generosity this week is outstanding, and everyone can recognise it.  Your level-headedness and sense of balance ensure happiness in all your relationships.  Be careful not to sacrifice too much in your pursuit of the perfect supervision.

Lucky rune: Gebo

Cancer 21 June -21 July

It is finally time to harvest the fruits of your labour- all your ground work over the past few months is about to pay off and success is assured.  At the same time, be conscious that the wheel of fortune will continue to turn, and nadir may spring upon you at any time.  Revel in the peace you have whilst it is in your possession.

Lucky rune: Jera

Leo 22 July  – 22 Aug

Now is the time to trust your instincts.  Your imagination and psychic strength has never been more powerful.  Success is promised in travel or acquisition, but be aware that you may lose something along the way.  Trust in the healing power of water.

Lucky rune: Laguz

Virgo 22 Aug -21 Sept

Your strength lies this week in trusting your common sense.  Embrace the simple pleasures in life, and remember to call your parents.  Family love and home have never been so necessary.  Now is the time to rest and make the most of the peace that surrounds you.  You are free to forge your own path.

Lucky rune: Ingwaz

Libra 20 Sept – 21 Oct

You have finally broken through the darkness and can feel the dawn approaching.  Now is the time to start making plans and putting them into motion.  You have the ability to assert your will upon your own life and will be astounded by its transformation- you too can be in possession of the ideal.

Lucky rune: Dagaz

Scorpio 22 Oct – 21 Nov

This is a time filled with hope and happiness.  You are starting to feel the security and certainty that accompanies true comfort.  Soon, your life will take you in directions you had never considered.  Be wary of gift champagne.

Lucky rune: Dagaz

Sagittarius 21 Nov – 21 Dec

The life you are currently living is one swamped with secrets.  In order to stay afloat you must ensure you are aware of the consequences of continuing.  Now is the perfect time to get involved with the Women’s Union.  An initiation is in the cards.  Take care to stave loneliness.

Lucky rune: Perthro

Capricorn 21 Dec – 20 Jan

This is a time of great confusion in your life, dear Capricorn.  Take care to invest great thought in all decisions, as you are at grave risk of poor judgement.  You fear you may be stuck in a rut; however you are capable of examining the issue afresh if you try. Do not give in to madness.

Lucky rune: Laguz

Aquarius 21 Jan – 19 Feb

A new state of affairs has made you feel the need for protection from the world, but you needn’t be alarmed this week, dear Aquarius.  Be aware that others are after your achievements and use your connection with others and the spirits of nature to calm your fears and quieten your soul.  Follow your instincts.  You will overcome your enemies.

Lucky rune: Algiz

Pisces 19 Feb – 20 March

You are much like the yew tree this week, dear Pisces- your strength and endurance ensures success in all your ventures.  The targets you have set for yourself are reasonable, and you can achieve your goals.  Trust the people around you, particularly a man in your life with a reputation of honesty.

Lucky rune: Eihwaz