C-into the future

Your Caesarian-Sunday horoscopes

Tab tries: Horoscopes. Again.

Horoscopic advice from astrological wizard Patrick Wilson.

Tab tries: Horoscopes

The Tab Cambridge is now providing horoscopes, just so you know how the greater forces in the world are dictating the finer points in your life.

Spoof News Is Good News: Week 2

Non-fictional journalist SUE DENIM reports on the news they don’t want you to know…

Mystic Malcolm: your horoscope by subject

MYSTIC MALCOLM brings dubious news of the future. What will your fate be?

Madame TeaLeaves

Madame TeaLeaves is here with some of her trademark prophetic wisdom.

Madame TeaLeaves: Horoscope Week 4

Madame TeaLeaves and her prophetic wisdom are back.

Madame TeaLeaves: Week 1 Horoscope

MADAME TEALEAVES, famous clairvoyante, leads you through Lent.

Tab Predictions: What Has The Future Got In Store For You?

Stuck in a post-bop haze? Unable to divine whether you’ll be attending a supervision on Monday or still chucking up? Check your horoscopes here.