Website of the Week: Awkward Family Photos

Forget albums of last night’s Cindies escapades, these are some photos you’ll want to see.

Awkward Family Photos Cambridge Cambridge University Facebook Student Students the tab The Telegraph

Whilst procrastinating from procrastinating on Facebook, I decided to take a look at what had been going on outside the bubble and read the news online (the only way to do it, paper-shmaper). At this point I stumbled across this photo gallery on Have a look through them:

I almost swallowed my own tongue laughing at some (quite traumatic actually). But wait – this was The Telegraph's pick of the best, could there be more strange people for me to laugh at (thereby consoling myself that although I am officially in hiding from my DoS, at least I'm not in a weird photo on a website that invites derision from utter strangers)? I searched for the original site, which I found here:

Here, you can trawl through the archives (right-hand side of the page) for hours. And hours. And if you're really keen, join the Facebook group which has it's own quite extensive photo album for you to amuse yourself with. And the group has 2737 members and counting, so no need to feel too bad about spending an afternoon laughing at the strange, the unattractive, the misguided and the tragic.