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Intelligence experts SEVER Cambridge seminar ties over alleged Russian funding

The former head of MI6 is included in the three

Debate: Kahn He Speak? Kahn’t He Speak?

Should Dominique Strauss-Khan be speaking at The Union? ANNA MATHEW and former Union pres LAUREN DAVIDSON get busy.

Homerton Flagged Up Over Uni Challenge

Homerton were denied crucial points that cost them victory in University Challenge this week, after researchers fudged a flag and mistakenly said a correct answer was WRONG.

The Tab’s Guide to April Fool’s

The definitive guide to April Fool’s day, including the best of 2010 and tips for tricks this year.

‘Billies Bake Final Buns

The cake shop praised by The Telegraph in 1995 for “its stickyissimus Chelsea bun” has shut, to be vandalised only days later.

You Fool

After the The Tab’s hoax fools The Sun, PHOEBE LUCKHURST and LOTTIE UNWIN select April Fool’s Day’s finest efforts.

Website of the Week: Awkward Family Photos

Forget albums of last night’s Cindies escapades, these are some photos you’ll want to see.