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Oxford Brookes investigating ‘rugby social where they tried to get girls’ nudes’

Brookes Rugby Union is also investigating

Oxford Brookes University has confirmed they are now investigating allegations of a rugby social where “everyone had to try and get as many nudes from Brookes girls as possible.”

On Tuesday, a DM posted on a confessions page claimed that as well as collecting nudes from Brookes girls at the social, they were then shared among members who rated which pictures were “best”.

In a statement, Oxford Brookes University said: “The university is aware of allegations circulating on social media. We take such allegations extremely seriously and are investigating them as a matter of urgency.”

Brookes Students’ Union wrote on Facebook: “We were horrified by the allegations posted to social media about a Brookes sports team, as well as some of the subsequent comments that were made on various social media platforms. We are taking this incredibly seriously.”

News of the allegations broke on Tuesday evening when the DM, that had been sent to the Instagram page @brookesconfessions, was posted by the page and then deleted.

The DM claimed there was a rugby social “where everyone had to try and get as many nudes from Brookes girls as possible, then they were shared with everyone and we voted for the best pictures.”

On Tuesday, Oxford Brookes Rugby Union confirmed to The Brookes Tab it is now investigating the incident. They said: “We are investigating this along with the Union, and all relevant bodies. At this current time, we have no comment to make.”