Bald from the eyebrows down: Meet this year’s Gentlemen’s Fight Night fighters

Jab left, jab right, we’re in for a good night

The most anticipated event of the year is upon us, and with only three days to go we had a little chat with the fighters to see how they’re feeling before the fight. The chat is a bit shit so we’re hoping they’re saving the best of it for the weigh-in tonight.

We hope you’ve got your outfits ready by now, the event always brings out the best in Brookes students, we scrub up well. If you’re lucky you might even make it into our best dressed.

Archie Dunning

Archie’s Godfather is the guy who sings GOLD (gold), so there’s that.

“If you ain’t first you’re last”.

Oscar Allaway

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Jamie Berti

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When Jamie was younger, his dad told him he didn’t have a middle name because they couldn’t afford one. He believed this until he was 16.

He’s looking forward to the night, “I think it’ll be a good fight”.

Harvey Salmon

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Harvey is bald from the eyebrows down. Do what you will with that information.

Message to his opponent, Jamie Berti: “seen this movie before.”

Hugo Strutt

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“My great great grandfather won the Nobel Prize for discovering Argon.”

A message for his opponent: “I’ll be sending you ‘Holmes’ on a stretcher.”

Ned Ashford Russell

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Despite his cranium’s size, and contrary to popular belief, his mother did not, in fact, have a C section.

Jack Humphreys

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Jack failed his driving theory test twice (Brookes not books).

“Hadley, in the ring you’ll get knocked out quicker than you did at Henley.”

Theo Hall

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“You may think I’m gay, but my girlfriend is fitter than yours.”

A message for his opponent, Oscar Allaway: “After I’ve won, I’m gonna take your mother out for a nice seafood dinner and never call her again.”

Hadley Butcher

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“I can never find my balls at the beach, they disappear”

When asked if he had a message for his opponent, Jack Humphreys, he simply replied “just give him a number for a Barbers”.

Tom Wisniewski

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Meet Wizzy, he’s half welsh and can make a smiley face with his tongue. Hopefully this will come in handy on the night.

“Oliver Bridges has found me at a bad time. All stresses and anger I have will be put into the fight. Next Friday the bridges are coming down.”

Guy Deverall

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Guy has climbed Machu Pichu, so this fight will be a walk in the park.

“The better fighter will win.” A man of many words.

Oscar Holmes

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Charlie Barber

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“I used to play rugby, but now I’ve changed to boxing… I guess you could call me a knock out.”

“I’m looking forward to the scrap.”

Oliver Bridges

Bridges doesn’t like snakebite after first year. Deserves a smack in the face for that alone.

His message to Wizzy: “don’t cry over all the girls you don’t get.”

Finn Carnegie

The mullet isn’t a hairstyle, its a lifestyle.

“It was all party in training but its 100% business in the ring”.

Joe Martin

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“I’ve been told that I have a doppelgänger in the form of Russell from Up.”

A message for Charlie Barber: “Lupus non timet canem latrantem”