Clubbers of the Week: Week Five

Look at us, who would have thought, not me

Hello, you lot. Week five is here and we're all a little scared but we're doing our best. Deadlines are looming and you're definitely shocked and offended that uni actually requires doing work.

It's okay though, we've got a little bit of procrastination for you, because you deserve it. So go on, have a scroll and see if you made the cut this week.

Clearly that fart was not trustworthy

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When your mate is banging on about how much she loves the ex that's cheated on her five times for the third time tonight

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"That should be me, holding your hand"

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When you've already pulled but spot yet another 10/10

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Wow, there really ARE plenty of fish in the sea

"Brexit has been delayed until the 31st January 2020"

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The back of his t-shirt has Boris actually fucking the UK

When your mate surprises you with two VK's

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You are what you eat

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We're peanut butter jelly of this costume

When you touch a boob for the first time and need a picture to prove it to your mates

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"But did you see a nipple, it only counts if you saw a nipple"

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked footage from Area 51

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We all just want a man who can take two VK's at once

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