Brookes’ Most Eligible Bachelorette 2017: Heat One

It is finally time to start voting for the girlies

It is the first heat of the girls and we are beyond ready for this. These girls are the finest of the finest, the most beautiful of the beautiful and most eligible of the eligible.

But the question is, which of these girls has got what it takes to become the most eligible bachelorette at Brookes? So, without further ado, let's see the first bunch of girls competing for your votes.

Alice Gollins, 1st year, Anthropology

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According to her friends, Alice is a northerner who wants someone to go South. Come on, boys.

Grace Farrell, 1st year, Psychology

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Grace is know to her peers as a really nice girl with the nicest tan in Cheney. She is also very single, ready and waiting for a bachelor.

Katharina Toma, 2nd year, Law

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Katharina is the most extra Austrian at Brookes and is the full package. According to her friends, she has a great face, peachy ass and a banging instagram. Stalk away.

Alex Skinner, 2nd year, Engineering

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Well known for being super fit and the best girl around, Alex is loved by all and the life of the party.

Anna Orchard, 3rd year, Biological Sciences

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With the surname Orchard, Anna is bound to be the apple of your eye. Also, as the president of touch rugby, she is always on the ball, both on and off the field. According to her friends, studying biology gives her a good, anatomical knowledge of the body. And if this isn't all enough, Anna is part Italian.