Brookes’ Most Eligible Bachelor 2017: Heat Two

Here’s the next bunch of beautiful boys

We don't know what is more exciting, the fact it is the second heat of lovely boys or some gorgeous girls will be soon gracing our screens in the bachelorette heats. Either way, it is beautiful.

So get your voting fingers to the ready and meet our next line-up of boys who could be crowned Brookes' Most Eligible Bachelor 2017.

Basil Fitzherbert, 1st year, Business and Management

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on the left

Basil's friends describe him to be good with the ladies, has a big nose and is a lovely bloke. What a trifecta.

Andrew Lake, 1st year, Sports Managment Foundation

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on the right

Andrew is an unbelievably attractive young man with a good respect for women according to his friends. He has the ability to down a VK in under two seconds and is one of very few gentleman to be kicked out of Fishies on a Wednesday night. His friends say he only has two inches but makes them count. Apprently, he also refuses to kiss on the first date, so let's see if a bachelorette can change that.

Matt Wootten, 2nd year, Politics and International Relations

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Matt is an all round nice guy, a self-confessed ‘Captain Cuddles’ and his little woottie is well loved around the uni. He is also Social Secretary of Lacrosse and he’s a keeper, literally and figuratively.

Angus Edwards, 1st year, International Relations

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on the left

Angus is a polite gentleman and his chat up lines are nearly as smooth as his face. And don't worry girls, although the moustache is gone, I am sure he'd grow it back for the right bachelorette.

Charlie Firth, 2nd year, International Relations

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Charlie's friends believe that he is the most good-looking guy they've ever seen and it is safe to say, they weren't inaccurate.