Brookes’ BNOC of the year: Round one

And so, the battle begins

Hold onto your VKs, it’s the first round of 2017.

Vote for the biggest and best BNOC below so they can make it to the final.

Sam Wadsted, 1st year, Business

Is there anyone that doesn’t know Sam Wadsted, BNOC? Typical Surrey lad, you’ll either find him at the sports bar or Bridge. Never to be seen at Wheatley.

Barney Aldridge, 1st year, Anthropology

He’s a model don’t you know.

Karlis Teteris, 2nd year, Business and Management

He’s probably the worst drunk at Brookes, never misses a night out and never ceases to pass out by the end of said night. He knows everyone. He once described himself as ‘Snapchat famous’.

Amani-Cane Elouazani, 2nd year, Law

She was featured in The Tab for launching her own lingerie line last August and was also featured in The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, Legal Cheek, The Sun and Lad Bible.

Since then whenever she goes on a night out somebody will approach her to say “omg you’re the lingerie girl from The Tab”.

Steven ‘Machine’ Israel, 1st year, Business and Management

He is an all round nice guy who cares about his friends and has been involved all across the year. Steven can’t walk through JHB without saying ‘hi’ to everyone who walks past.

Josh Murcott, 2nd year, Construction

He somehow knows everyone on a night out and is an elephant tamer.

Arthur ‘our throw in’ Owen, 3rd year, Equestrian

Most feral bloke on campus. Banned from most clubs for being too feral, and a top shagger. You’ve probably had him spit on you at some point. He is known for tipping cranberry VKs over his head on dance floors near you.

Rupert Leigh, 3rd year, Sports Science

He is King of the Sesh, never can turn down a night out.