Meet the Brookes Law student running her own lingerie company

She’ll probably get a first too

Amani-Cane Elouazani is no stranger to hard work. Not many students can say they work part-time, ace a law degree and run their own successful lingerie company.

At just 19, she already has her own website with handmade lingerie, which she makes herself, and is about to start the second year of her law degree at Brookes. Her company, Lingerie By Elouzani, designs, makes and sells a range of lingerie products and sells them online. Each product is made to order, hand stitched and fitted to your needs, and the most expensive item is only £40.

Amani-Cane told us how she’s always been creative and has a massive thing for lingerie.

She said: “It got to the point where I’d come home from shopping and my mom would actually get annoyed that I’d bought yet another couple of pairs of bras or that sort of thing. I have drawers and baskets full of underwear, I really do have a bit of a problem.

“I always had ideas of what I would look out for to buy and what kind of designs I liked then one day I just thought, why don’t I just make my own then I can have exactly what I want.

“It started out that I made a couple items for myself and then friends and family started to ask if I could make them one and as that progressed I saw an opportunity to turn it into an actual business.”

Our mocha silk 2 piece, elastic straps and waistband for ultimate comfort ?

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Her obsession is helping: her business has sold 1,000 products in just the two weeks since it launched.

The company has not taken over her life though. Amani-Cane told us how her studies always come first and she has high aspirations in the legal world, hoping to land a job in the City when she graduates.

“I’m very adamant that my studies are always my priority. It took a couple of years to finally launch my online store because of that exact reason. I started designing just after my GCSEs and have only just launched my website.

“Every time exams come around I take a break so I can prioritise studying.”

Even if her company takes off that isn’t going to get in the way of her degree.

“My mom has always made sure I know that no matter what happens, where my life goes, I must always have the right qualifications to fall back on if everything falls through and I strongly believe that.

“If I became a global superstar tomorrow, I would still finish my degree because just as fast as success can happen, it is easily taken away. My biggest aspiration at the moment is to finish my degree, hopefully secure a training contract and pursue a career in the legal field.

“While I love and have a passion for my lingerie company, it is more like a hobby that I can enjoy and helps me to wind down after a lot of essay writing and legal reading which can be quite mind boggling sometimes.”

Swarovski choker and the Aria sheer embellished top, all available online ❤️

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Currently the brand only runs up to DD but Amani-Cane is open to making bigger sizes if the demand is there.