You definitely don’t need your car at uni

What’s wrong with the U1 anyway?

Leave your cars at home please, there’s no point in bringing them to Oxford.

It’s so hard to park here

Oxford is a pretty shitty place to park your car. Parking spaces are like gold dust in this city.

It’s £60 a year for a parking permit, which only applies to certain regulated zones and you have to fill out a shit tonne of paperwork. Oh you live in zone DV? You can’t park in EO then soz. It’s not like you can ever find a parking space down Cheney Lane anyway, the only road with free parking in Oxford it seems.

Have fun with the disgustingly expensive parking rates in Oxford, £3 for an hour. Nah I’ll walk thanks.

You can’t even drive through the centre of Oxford with your car, you have to go around, as only taxis and buses are allowed through the centre.


The alternatives are actually really good

The Brookes bus is free with your Brookes bus pass and is about seven minutes to town. If you can put up with those annoying people going up to Harcourt then it’s so much easier than driving.

The bus is a lot more sociable as well, you’ll always see someone you know.

Oxford is also a cyclist friendly city, with specific cycling lanes, so if you don’t want to get the Bus, then you can bring your bike to uni instead. You’ll save so much money and get those fire calves as well.


It’s quicker to walk or cycle

The speed limit around Oxford is 20 so it will probably be quicker to cycle or walk anyway.

Your mates will use you

You will become the taxi to all of your friends and they will not give you any petrol money for it.

“Mate can you just pick me from JHB?” will become a far too common phrase. They’ll also ask you to pick them up and drop them off from work, especially when it’s raining.

You’ll definitely be asked to do lifts to and from town before and after a night out. “Mate I’m lost somewhere in town and I don’t have any money, could you come and find me?” You’ll be driving around town looking for your friend and then they’ll ring you saying they found some mates and got a taxi with them.

Oh and don’t forget those midnight McDonald’s runs you’ll be asked to make because they still don’t deliver.


No I will not give you a lift to Tesco


You will always be at home

You will distance yourself from your housemates. Once they realise that you will go home every weekend, they will start to plan stuff without you and you’ll get left out because they may think that you don’t actually like them that much.


Driving home by myself

Lastly, please don’t complain about how skint you are after having to fill you car up again, no one will sympathize with you.