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George Skane-Davis
Oxford Brookes University


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Say goodbye to the diet: Five Guys could be coming to Oxford

it’s the day we’ve all been waiting for

Clubbers of the week: Week 9

Alcohol you later

Everybody stay calm, but there’s now a bottomless prosecco brunch in Oxford

You’ll be pissed by 12

Clubbers of the week: Diss hand in special

Diss is the end, hold your breath and count to ten

Brookes ranked one of the top unis in the world for 16 subjects

We’ve done well lads

A man has been stabbed outside a chicken shop in Cowley

It happened in broad daylight

It’s official: Brookes is the poshest poly in the country

Most of them probably lived in Cheney

Police investigating a rape by Harcourt Hill last night

It happened at 8:00pm

Two Brookes students were hospitalised after the Lacrosse Christmas meal

The president ended up in Banbury

Brookes exceed student living quota

There’s just too many of us

Jeremy Corbyn was on Cowley road yesterday

He was giving a talk on healthcare

Two third year Lacrosse boys have set up a crowdfunding page for tour

They want to go to Croatia

Cowley is the best student area to live in the country

Cowley is love, Cowley is life

Four Oxford Uni students have raised £400 and bought the Wahoo sign

They’ve got the sign with wings

Your guide to Halloween at Brookes this weekend

It’s all fun and games until you see a killer clown

Crime scene cordoned off on Oxford High Street

It happened at 11:30pm last night

A teenager has been attacked with a hammer on St Clements

He was followed down Rectory Road before it happened

Brookes plan on moving Semester 1 exams to after Christmas

And they’re going to make the Christmas holiday shorter too

Everything that’s bound to happen in Anuba

It’s the pre-drinks after your pre-drinks

RIP Wahoo, Brookes will miss you

Sleep easy, Fuzz juice

Meet the new SU President

We asked Elena what she thinks of the Student Union

I had to quit playing rugby after getting severe concussion

I’d been doing it since I was eight

Having a two-year-old son has changed my perspective on uni

I had to drop out when I found out

Why the JHB is the best uni library in the UK


You definitely don’t need your car at uni

What’s wrong with the U1 anyway?

Brookes ranked fifth in the world for online lectures

Pop open your corks

It’s official: Lola Lo is the worst club in Oxford

It wasn’t even close

What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

One of them had a chicken heart

Screwing around with your housemates will always be a recipe for disaster

Spoonin’ leads to forkin’

What is the weirdest thing you have seen this week?

Things are about to get weird

Plush is the best nightclub in Oxford

It’s all about having a classic night