It’s official: Lola Lo is the worst club in Oxford

It wasn’t even close

Our readers have spoken: Lola Lo has been confirmed as the worst club in Oxford.

The club won (if you can call this a win) 19.2 per cent of the vote to take home the unwelcome title of Oxford’s worst club.

Warehouse with 12.5 per cent and Wahoo with 10.5 per cent came second and third respectively, while Plush came last with only one per cent of the vote.

Warehouse coming so high is no shock with its recent closure to the shock of all Brookes students.

Lola Lo

Lola’s streaking away with the vote comes as a surprise with its resurgence in popularity after the closing down of Warehouse, see its numbers go up on a Friday.

Plush seems to have the least haters with only 1 per cent of the vote, maybe not enough people go there to hate on it?

Despite the constant cries of the small dance floors, Bridge did rather well only picking up 4.7 per cent of the vote – beating its next door neighbour Wahoo by a massive 6 per cent.


That queue though

Not even the free sunglasses can pursued you to like this place, you know you have a pair but they probably have one lens now and are buried under that pile of clothes you should wash but never do.