Warehouse has officially closed

The building will be turned into a youth hostel

The Tab can exclusively confirm that the Warehouse has closed.

General Manger Pete Mortimore told The Tab the reason for it’s closing was: “A combination of a challenging lease and a poor trading period.”

Especially in relation to one of their biggest nights, Kandy, which was having a poor turn out for six weeks straight. Maybe we just don’t get out enough?

The old Warehouse building will not be turned into bowling alleys or laser quest as some speculated, but it is set to be converted into a youth hostel.

While the club might be out of action they are keeping the party spirit alive by continuing with Project Warehouse.

Someone just told him the dress is actually blue and black


Pop-up events around the city that will bring the excitement of Kandy back to life when you start feeling those withdrawal symptoms.

While Mr Mortimore can not specify where these events will take place, he said they are set to happen in a club within a mile of the city centre.

Joe Hunter, the man behind Go Eskimo every Friday at Bridge said: “Now it’s closed I‘ll just go about my work as I always have done. There was no competition then, there is no competition now. No point looking behind you if you’re already winning the race.”


A cheap nights stay without the fish bowls