Rat attack: Infestation of vermin at Clive Booth finally being tackled

Just your average ‘rodent update’

Since the beginning of term, freshers moving in to Clive Booth Student Village have been greeted by these furry black fiends yet only now, six weeks in to the term is the university is finally doing something about it.

In an email entitled ‘Rodent Update’  a university rep cheerfully says: “Hey All! Here’s a quick rat update.”

A Rainy Rat Trap

Traps have been placed around Clive Booth to attempt to deal with the problem

The university identify a danger zone of the back of the postgrad centre, which they dub a “main rat nesting area”, before outlining a complicated procedure to rid the accommodation of the vermin.

The procedure, which began yesterday, included the introduction of a pest control team, to erect fencing and gas the rat nests.

Ominously the email says students “may or may not see heightened rat activity at this time, since we’ll be disturbing the nests.”

photo 1

First years have also been advised to “help” the “wonderful work” of reducing pest activity. The suggestions include:

  • Removing all food sources, including “the crumbs in your toasters”
  • Keeping all windows open while you’re cooking
  • Leaving the lights on on the ground floor “since this deters rats”

Destruction of local flora

First year English Language student and Clive Booth resident, Emily Housden said:

“I was walking past the bins with my mum when she stopped and screamed because she saw a load of rats in the bushes opposite the bins.”

Luckily neither Emily nor her mum were harmed in this instance even if they were a little shaken.