We visited every Bristol Uni library and study space to work out the warmest place to work

Can’t be the only one who thinks the ASS is too hot

In every student house, there is always one heating miser. It doesn’t matter if your house is exclusively built with single-glazing or that uni was closed last week as a hurricane blew through Bristol, you’ll be firmly told to put on another jumper because the heating is not going on.

Take off that jumper, give your flatmate two fingers, and get yourself down to one of Bristol Uni’s 16 different study spaces because we’ve been to all of them and ranked them based on their warmth.

16. Medical Library – 18.2°C

Starting with the coldest, the Medical Library is exactly like most medicine students: frosty and not very welcoming. Tucked away on Cantocks’ Close, there is absolutely no need to go here with so many better options nearby.

15. Brambles – 19.5°C

Brambles is on the cooler side but it does come with the perk of a coffee machine. No need to queue at a Source Cafe when you can have your Latte in Brambles. If you hadn’t worked out from the fun pun, Brambles is inside the Hawthorns.

With a few different rooms to work in and very few students in sight, it’s definitely a place to come during exam season when it’s a bit warmer and the libraries are packed.

14. Physics Library – 19.8°C

Physics students must be proud of their library because they’ve made it impossible to find for any non-physics student. There is literally no signage for it. You have to go to the third floor, walk down a few corridors that smell far too much like Great Ormond Street Hospital and then the “Maria Mercer Library” appears in all its 19.8°C glory.

13. Senate House Living Room – 19.9°C

Embrace your Y2K aesthetic, crack open primary school classic “Ruby the Red Fairy” and enjoy the first book in the Rainbow Magic series at a relatively comfortable temperature.

12. Wills Memorial Library – 20°C

Pretend like you actually got into Oxbridge in 20 degrees Wills.

11. Arts Complex – 20.1°C

0.1 degrees warmer than Wills if you trust the accuracy of the only thermometer under £10 that was available with next-day delivery.

10. Grace Reeves – 20.1°C

If you’re torn between the Arts Complex and geography study space, Grace Reeves, look at this big wooden egg you get to work inside. You could do a lovely sketch of an Oxbow lake in there.

9. Education Library – 20.5°C

I have no idea what the Education Library is for and having read the 2003 “A Complete Idiot’s Guide: Computer Basics” they had lying open, I’m still non the wiser. It’s in Berkeley Square and contrary to the outdated books, it’s a pretty modern library with nice places to work.

8. Chemistry Library – 20.9°C

Average library. Average temperature.

7. Veterinary Sciences Library – ???

Credit via Artur Tumasjan on Unsplash before edit

I was not about to do the three hour round trip cycle to Langford just to find out the Veterinary Sciences Library is somewhere between 20 and 21 degrees so I had some fun on Photoshop instead.

6. Senate House – 21.2°C

Good old Senate. 21.2 degrees studying conditions, ideal temperature to pretend to work in for a few hours before going down to The Beckford at 5:30.

5. Queen’s Building Library – 21.4°C

If like me, you’ve spent your entire time at Bristol Uni exclusively going to the ASS, Senate and Wills, add Queen’s to your list. Great temperature to study in and a really nice view out of the window.

4. Hawthorns – 22.1°C

Getting pretty warm at this stage. Definitely bordering on t-shirt weather. Good thing there is plenty of material lying around to turn into fans.

3. SU Richmond Building – 22.6°C

This doesn’t really make sense because if you live in Clifton, you are clearly wealthy enough to have the heating switched on in your house. Anyway, the SU Richmond Building in Clifton is very toasty the higher up you go.

2. Beacon House – 22.8°C

It might be a pretty soulless place to work but no wonder it’s always full. Hundreds of students basking in almost 23 degrees heat before going back to their damp 15 degrees gaff.

1. ASS – 24.4°C

Pack your factor 50, fill up your water bottle because you are going on holiday to the ASS. We’ve just found all the cheapest flights from Bristol Airport for reading week but if you want to help save the environment and your bank account, just go to the ASS.

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