Tired of always going to the pub? Chance & Counters is where you should take your housemates instead

Beat those Sunday scaries with a boost of serotonin

No one is safe from the clutches of the Sunday Scaries. You know, those familiar feelings of doubt and despair that greet you at the end of a heavy weekend. You cornered someone at a house party and lectured them about your time in Thailand on your gap year for too long? There is now video footage of you eating nuggets off the floor in Gravity?

We know, it never gets any easier. However, sometimes a splash of wholesomeness can really give the ghouls of the Friday and Saturday night doubts a run for their money.

Chance & Counters is a café and bar filled with board games of all descriptions and the perfect place for comforting family fun to contrast with the despair of your gloomy kitchen.

£3 for a two-hour slot just to play UNO may seem about as steep as the Christmas steps themselves (where the café is magically located). However, the choice of games is truly inspiring. With more than 850 to choose from, the fee seems just about reasonable.

You’ll probably have to sidestep round a group of kooky young professionals playing Charades and shouting at each other as you enter. If this is your first time, you may cast judgemental glances and awkwardly “excuse-me” your way to your table.

However, after a few rounds of Articulate you will be joining them in heated discussions about whether the timer actually got turned over or your flat mate is just trying to swindle you out of a win because he’s a prick and hates to see you succeed!

Whatever type of uni student you are, there is a game for you. If being from London is your sole personality trait, you don’t have to stick to the familiar streets of Mayfair and Old Kent Road featured in monopoly, there is an entire board game literally called “London!” A taste of home eh.

Have a break from the onslaught of booze and indulge in a hot chocolate, milkshake or smoothie while you make excuses about why you don’t know what country Calcutta is in, despite the fact you are studying Geography.

The food and drink are well priced: a hefty portion of loaded fries is £7.50 and a hot chocolate is £3.50. Perfect for satisfying your hangover induced carb cravings.

The milkshakes and smoothies are more expensive at around £5.50.  It is very easy to spend a lot of money here as, upon entry you are already £3 down and then it’s easy to adopt a “win or lose, we are on the booze mentality” as you hit the triple word score hard on the Scrabble board.

However, if you keep an eye on the clock, so you don’t end up paying another £3 for a second slot, why not treat yourself to a hot choc and some wholesome fun?

It really does help to get out and have a laugh with your mates rather than rotting away in your depressing kitchen contemplating the remotest island you could move to in order to escape the embarrassments of the weekend.

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