We’ve found the cheapest flights from Bristol for reading week and you can go on holiday for just £17

Give yourselves a break from the endless deadlines and strikes

Reading week is only seven days away. From the 28th February, you and your mates have the perfect opportunity to give yourselves a break from the endless cycle of deadlines and uni strikes and book an inexpensive getaway.

If you’re one of the lucky students who does a “very serious degree” and actually has a reading week, why not make some memories this March and treat yourself to a holiday? For those of you whose parents are not whisking you away to ski in Verbier this Easter, what better way to spend your student loan than on some ridiculously low-cost Ryanair flights? 

We have compiled a list (in price order) of the cheapest flights from Bristol airport so that you can catch flights not feelings next week. All of the flights fly out on Wednesday 2nd and return on Saturday 5th to give you plenty of time to explore. Additionally, we have kindly provided the average cost of a pint in each destination. 

1. Milan – £17

Piazza del Duomo

Cost of return flights: £16.99

Average price of a pint: £4.16

For just £16.99 you can be jostled around by Ryanair for two hours and five minutes. Visit one of the most important fashion capitals of the world and take part in some glamorous shopping or soak up the culture at the city’s largest Gothic cathedral, Piazza del Duomo.

Flight times:

Outbound: 14.55 -18.00 

Inbound: 18.45- 19.50

2. Barcelona – £26

Cost of return flights: £26

Average price of a pint: £2.50

It’s pronounced Barthelona (this will impress your Year 8 Spanish teacher). Make sure to go and visit the Sagrada Familia before it gets finished and get lost in the stunning Gaudí garden.

Flight times:

Outbound: 17.45-20.50

Inbound: 21.40-23.05 

3. Dublin – £26

Cost of return flights: £26

Average price of a pint: £4.58

You won’t be guaranteed a tan here but you can count on receiving a quality beer that would make Upsetting Pints envious.

Flight times:

Outbound: 7.00-8.05

Inbound: 6.15-7.20

4. Krakow – £30

Cost of return flights: £30

Average price of a pint: £1.42

If you haven’t already been here as one of the stops on your Year 13 Interrailing tour, now is the perfect time. Brimming with beautiful medieval architecture, although, if we’re honest, the selling point is the price of booze.

Flight times:

Outbound: 6.30- 10.00

Inbound: 10.30-12.10

5. Madrid – £31.70 

Cost of return flights: £31.70

Average price of a pint: £3.37

You can fly to Madrid and back almost three times for the same price as going to Leeds one-way on the train. It is 20°C there right now and 4°C in the UK. Says it all really.

Flight times:

Outbound: 7.15- 10.35 

Inbound: 12.50-13.55

6. Paris – £51 

The French Clifton Suspension Bridge

Cost of return flights: £51 

Average price of a pint: £4.15

£650 million was donated to repair the Notre Dame when it burned down in 2019, might as well go see what the fuss was all about and why they bothered to raise as much money.

Flight times:

Outbound: 18.30-20.50

Inbound: 7.20-7.40 

7. Prague – £54 

Cost of return flights: £54

Average price of a pint: £1.48

Although this is one of the more expensive flights on the list, Prague more than makes up for it with their alcohol prices. £1.48 just about gets you the head of a pint in London.

Flight times:

Outbound: 6.45-8.15 

Inbound: 15.05- 16.20

8. Berlin – £74.65

Cost of return flights: £74.65 

Average price of a pint: £3.33

Get your leather belts and nipple tassels ready because if you join the queue for Berghain on the Wednesday when you arrive, you might just make it in for the Friday night.

Flight times:

Outbound: 14.55 – 22.30 

Inbound: 18.35- 13.30  

All prices correct at time of publishing

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