First year student unharmed as part of ceiling collapses in Bristol Uni hall of residence

It happened at Churchill Hall where students pay up to £11,500 each year


A first year Bristol Uni student has survived a lucky escape after part of their ceiling collapsed in their halls bedroom.

The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a resident at top-end accommodation, Churchill Hall, where students pay as much as £11,554 each year.

Bristol Uni has described the situation as “distressing” but said that nobody was hurt in the incident.

The ceiling collapse took place over the weekend where it was shared on Bristol Uni confessions page @overheardatu0b.

In the video, a student can be heard saying “Oh my god” as they walk into the bedroom to assess the damage.

While Bristol Uni maintain that only “a patch of plaster fell from the ceiling”, the student has moved out of the room and won’t be returning.

They’ve since chosen a new room in Churchill Hall and will remain there for the rest of the year.

Named after the university’s third Chancellor, Sir Winston Churchill, the hall is home to 365 Bristol Uni students in Stoke Bishop, around two miles from the main university campus.

As the second most expensive hall of residence, Churchill Hall boasts its own Botanical Gardens as well its own library and study space.

It is unknown if the collapse is related to Storm Eunice which saw the city placed under a red weather warning and the university close last Friday.

A Bristol Uni spokesperson said: “A student has been moved to a new room after a patch of plaster fell from the ceiling.

“Although no one was hurt we appreciate that it is a distressing thing to happen.

“After discussions with the student we have moved them to a permanent new room in the same halls.”

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