Sick of single use plastics? You’ve got to visit the SU’s excellent new zero-waste shop

The shop is open weekdays 11am-3pm in the Richmond Building

Do you want to shop affordably as well as reduce your waste? Are you sick of shopping in Clifton Down Saino’s each week and seeing the amount of plastic packaging you take home? We’ve found the solution – you need to visit the SU’s new zero-waste shop.

Located just by the Balloon Bar in the Richmond Building (albeit slightly tucked away, so keep your eyes peeled and follow the signage), the Zero Waste Shop is a rustic-themed space, selling all sorts from herbs, pulses and dried fruit to shampoo, laundry detergent and even a pick-n-mix section.

What’s even better is the Zero Waste Shop is easily one of the cheapest zero-waste shops in Bristol.

The shop can be found in the Richmond Building (105 Queens Rd, BS8 1LN)

On entering, you’ll be greeted with a whole host of sustainable goodies to take home. The well-stocked shelf of spices will leave you with no excuse for cooking grotty tasteless student meals (we’re looking at you, @uob_scrans), and the range of cereals, pulses and grains would make your most middle-class friend’s mum swoon.

The shop allows students to buy essentials at affordable prices without worrying about plastic waste

The Zero Waste Shop is staffed by students and will be open until the end of term as a trial period. It is hoped the shop will remain open past that and become a permanent fixture for students.

The shop is completely run by student staff

In terms of pricing, the SU’s Zero Waste Shop is by far the cheapest one I’ve personally visited since living in Bristol.

Shampoo, conditioner and body wash here will cost you 60p/100g, whereas Preserve, which has stores in Bedminster and Redfield will charge you £1 for the same amount and brand.

Similarly, dried basil which will cost you 10p/scoop at the SU costs 60p in Preserve stores.

The most expensive item at the SU’s shop, chopped mango, will cost you £2.50/100g, whereas in Zero Green, Bristol’s biggest Zero Waste shop, they’ll cost you a more taxing £2.80/100g.

The store isn’t just about healthy, hippy-dippy food though: there’s also a pick-n-mix (which honestly made me feel five again) and you can grab Bristol branded tote-bags and reusable water bottles.

Students are encouraged to bring their own containers but there are containers available to buy if you forget

There’s also a range of household essentials, such as hand sanitiser, washing up liquid and shower products.

All in all, the SU’s Zero Waste shop is a fantastic initiative. The efforts put in by the SU to ensure there’s minimal mark-up on items to make them as cheap as possible for students should be commended, and the wide range of items for such a physically small space is genuinely impressive.

It’s an almost meditative space, which does its job in reminding us of the importance of sustainability.

The SU Zero Waste Shop is open 11am-3pm on weekdays in the Richmond Building

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