These are the most diabolical dinners cooked up by Bristol Uni students

It looks like you’re cooking a breeze block for dinner babes

The thing people struggle with the most when they first move to uni is undoubtedly the daunting task of cooking for themselves. They no longer have the luxury of a healthy and nutritious meal waiting on the table.

The Instagram account @uob_scrans collects pictures of the worst food being eating by Bristol freshers and posts them for the world to see. Although anyone at uni can relate to the traumas of trying to put meals together, some of these images are actually just disturbing.

Someone please teach these people to make pesto pasta.

1. Pasta, mince and beans

We have to respect this person as they’re clearly making a desperate attempt to get their protein in and has ended up with something that could maybe resemble a Bolognese. Probably a rugby boy in a blind panic during bulking season.

2. Cheese on bread

A little bit of a twist on the classic cheese on toast. This has so obviously been microwaved, the bread is not showing any signs of being crispy at all. The dribble of ketchup is tragic. Please get yourself a toasty maker for Christmas.

3. Egg box pasta

I’m going to be generous and assume that this person is just trying to find an innovative way of getting round the fact that they  don’t have any clean plates, but I beg you tell me why the broccoli is being left to sit raw and limp on the side.

4. Unidentifiable freezer food

What’s remaining of this cremated mess looks like fish fingers but then again that is only an educated guess. Being 18 years of age and not being able to successfully cook oven food is a huge red flag.

5. Angel delight

Delight? More like disaster. Those poor bananas have been mashed into a sorry state by that whisk and surely can’t be helping the already awful flavour of butterscotch angel delight. The thought of eating this monstrosity makes my skin crawl.

6. Gourmet hot dogs

The poor attempt of presentation is not helping this upsetting array of food at all. I can’t even identify what’s been crammed into that ramequin and the hot dog slice pyramid is surely deserving of some kind of jail time.

7. Frozen leftovers

It’s obvious that this person has tried their best at batch cooking and freezing their food for later on in the week, however, thawing it out in the pan is definitely not the way to go. It looks like you’re cooking a breeze block for dinner babes.

8. Salmonella

I really think this might be a biohazard. The colour of that meat is genuinely haunting, it looks like it has warts. If you ate this you surely suffered from food poisoning or now have intestinal parasites. As Gordon Ramsey once said, “Why did the chicken cross the road? Because you didn’t f***ing cook it.”

9. Pesto and banana

Surely not.

1o. Sushi platter

This is the epitome of pick me behaviour. No one who follows this account wants to see your obnoxious display of avocado and seaweed. You have way too much time on your hands.

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