XR activist hammers list of demands for ‘Clean air equality for life’ to door of city hall

This marks the beginning of a week of action from Extinction Rebellion in Bristol

On Sunday night, Extinction Rebellion (XR) activist Dr Emma Green hammered a letter to the door of City Hall demanding “clean air equality for life” in Bristol.

The letter highlights the detrimental effects of air pollution in Bristol, stating that “More deaths in Bristol are due to air pollution than Covid-19”.

The demands mark the beginning of a week of “covid-safe” action to raise awareness about the dangerous levels of air pollution in Bristol.

The Letter is addressed to the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, and all Bristol city councillors. It draws on the discriminatory effects of the air pollution in Bristol stating: “Bristol’s air quality is a social disgrace. Poorer and BAME inner city communities suffer disproportionately. Bristol City Council must act to remedy the discriminatory effect of air pollution”.

In a press release, Dr Emma Green said:  “The amount of pollution in Bristol’s air breaches European legal limits. It drastically affects our health and harms the planet – at a time when public health is more at risk than ever.

“We have a unique opportunity to act now. Life during lockdown showed that air quality CAN improve quickly.

“By nailing our demand to the door we call on Bristol City Council to nail their colours to the mast: do they care enough for the well-being of all Bristolians to take the urgent action that’s needed?”

The week of action aims to embed the notion of “clean air is for life, not just for lockdown”.

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Posted by Extinction Rebellion Bristol on Thursday, 18 June 2020

In a press release Chay Harwood, a spokesperson for XR from Horfield, said: “There is a brief window of opportunity to take decisive action now.

“It’s Bristol’s most disadvantaged residents who bear the brunt of dirty air.

“People need jobs, and we know there will be some increase in pollution as economic activity returns.  But it’s clear that we cannot return to “business as usual” post-lockdown.

“We want Bristol City Council to take the necessary actions to ensure Bristol has fully compliant air quality not just for this brief period but by April 2021 – and for the future.”

Starting today, XR will be holding an event every day this week to put pressure on Bristol City Council to combat the toxic air in the city. More ways to get involved and locations for the events can be confirmed on their facebook page.

Feature image credit: Simon Holliday

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