UoB spends £19k on ketamine used for anaesthetic on rodents

That’s a lot of K

Data uncovered by The Bristol Tab reveals that the University of Bristol spent spent a whooping £18,897.79 on Ketamine between 2017-18.

But don't worry! While Senior Management make some pretty odd decisions from time to time, The Bristol Tab was told that all the ket is used for "veterinary anaesthetic purposes."

OK, Brady.

The uni stated that ketamine is used routinely on rats and mice, calling into question whether ketamine deserves its reputation for being almost exclusively used as a horse tranquilliser.

An extra £47.80 was also spent on ketamine in the last three years for "pharmacological research purposes."

The exact nature of the research is unknown.

The Bristol Tab asked the uni if had purchased any other drugs recently, but it appears they do not have the special license required to purchase some of the other big hitters (your LSD, your MDMA, your cannabis, Gary).