James Cridland

James Cridland
Bristol University


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All the wholesome fundraisers UoB sport societies are doing in lockdown

The UoB Men and Women’s Hockey Clubs have raised over £10,000 in total

UoB spends £19k on ketamine used for anaesthetic on rodents

That’s a lot of K

Students left laughing as correct answers to multiple choice exam are printed in bold

Exam organiser takes full responsibility for ‘foul-up’

We can guess who you’re voting for based on your choice of study space

Bet you got Beacon

Nando’s gives UoB student 70 litres of Perinaise

That’s 70 bottles and 1500 sachets

Bristol students reveal what it’s really like to take study drugs

‘It made me feel as though I couldn’t get tired, and I just got my head down and worked.’

These are the rejected names for Senate House and they are absolutely classic

‘The Hugh Brady Centre For Mental Health Recovery’ didn’t seem appropriate

Bristol Uni’s A Capella group won second place in ICCA semifinal, which is music to our ears

The group also won Outstanding Choreography

Wills freshers banned from kitchen after cleaners ‘mistake Dip Dab sherbet for cocaine’

They were locked out for FOUR days

Dedicated UoB student gets Lizard Lounge tattoo

They haven’t asked for free entry into Lounge yet

We interviewed the man behind The Noise Pages to answer all your questions

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Here’s everything we know about the phantom shitter of Unite House

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Badock was surprisingly negative

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‘This is what happens when you drink port out of a wellie’