Graffiti artist jailed for 17 months after writing ‘WES’ on the Avon Gorge

It’s not even his name

Local paint-enthusiast turned criminal Stephen Tiger has been sentenced to 17 months in prison after he admitted tp graffitiing a prominent cliff face in Avon Gorge.

Stephen, or “WES” as he goes by in his graffiti tags, was arrested for criminal damage in the St. Paul’s area of Bristol and was then charged with graffitiing the cliff face after he was photographed in the act.

The cost of removing the graffiti from the cliff face neared £20,000 due to the long-term damage and the fact the area is a site of significant scientific interest.

Bristol investigating officer PC Stuart King said: “Tiger caused significant damage to a prominent landmark in the city.”

Likewise, Tiger’s actions were the cause of anger around other areas of Bristol, with local artist Jack Simmonds saying to the Tab in September: “His work is less Tate, more budget weekend in Bangor. If you got me some five-year-old paint, some glue and bits of old pasta, I could still do a better job than this prick.”

Jack went on to say: “The police should be worried, because he might inspire other idiots to do the same.”

Jack disapproves