Daniel Hunter

Daniel Hunter
Bristol University


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A complete list of things you shouldn’t do as a Bristol fresher

Reinventing yourself never works

You can now get alcohol delivered to your house in Bristol until 6am

For all those afterparties that need a boost

Vote for your favourite Bristol NUS Referendum music video

Cringey or great?

Bristol is the ninth most expensive place in the world to be a student

We pay just under £3000 a month

Petition started to create an official Bristol flag

Vote for your favourite idea

The Colston Street Disaster: a year on

A fiery flashback

One Day author David Nicholls to give free talk at Bristol

The boys are back in town

Bristol Student Dies After Entering Dry Dock

Hypothermia was the cause of death

The Whiteladies Road gorilla has gone missing

Can you help us find Splodge?

Bristol is going to be hotter than LA and Barcelona this weekend

Get your sunnies out

Do you know this man?

He was involved in a fight outside Pam Pam.

Wetherspoons are naming an ale after DJ Derek

It will be called ‘Derek’

The new student area Beacon House is finally open

Another place to procrastinate

The whole of Bristol is invited to DJ Derek’s funeral

The service will be held on April 22nd

Remains found at Cribbs Causeway confirmed as DJ Derek

The 73-year old went missing in July

Bristol is the 23rd best university in Europe according to new rankings

We’re better than Durham

DJ Derek’s family fear the worst following discovery of human remains near Cribbs Causeway

He rode the 76 bus to Cribbs Causeway on the day of his disappearance

We spoke to the Bristol professor who won a €1million prize in neuroscience

It’s the neuroscience equivalent of the Nobel prize

We interviewed the Bristol student who rowed the Atlantic solo

Callum Gathercole now holds the world record

Bristol student breaks atlantic rowing world record

Callum Gathercole rowed solo for 60 days from the Canary Islands to Antigua

The SU’s Annual Members Meeting was a bit of a shambles

We’re keeping our safe space after all

Uni is always really boring on the weekends

There is literally nothing to do

Bristol’s maddest fresher: Rory Moss

He’s been nominated as ‘liability of the year’ in UBSC

Bristol’s maddest fresher: Kayode

‘I think I just piss a lot of people off when I’m drunk’

Bristol student becomes youngest to row across the Atlantic

They spent 47 days on the open sea

Bristol is the seventh biggest university for sugar babies in the UK

Who doesn’t want a silver fox?

Somebody sold a box of animal bones on the Clifton and Stoke Bishop tickets group

There’s a lot of weird stuff on there

Bristol SU has been named Students’ Union of the Year


Graffiti artist jailed for 17 months after writing ‘WES’ on the Avon Gorge

It’s not even his name

We spoke to the Exeter fives fresher when he stopped off in Bristol

It’s tradition

Milo Yiannopoulos v Rebecca Reid: What happened in last week’s debate

‘Straight white women are the most privileged class in the history of our species’

Buses powered by poo are coming to Bristol

They won’t smell don’t worry

‘Burglars stole five laptops while I sat in my bedroom with headphones on’

He was completely oblivious

Bristol will be colder than Moscow this weekend

It might even snow

Northwell House on fire after fresher suffers cooking disaster

When will these first years learn?

Triangle restaurant owner: ‘Students smoking weed are ruining my business’

The food’s not the only thing getting baked

The best places to eat lunch on campus

You can do better than Subway

Working at McDonald’s made me lose my faith in humanity

I was not lovin’ it