In pictures: reasons to miss Brizzle this Christmas

You might be desperate to get home for Crimbo, but these gert lush pics of Briz will have you pining for the West Country by Boxing Day.


It’s been a bloody long term, so you’d be forgiven for counting down the days til you can run home for a bit of TLC and parent-sponsored Christmas cheer.

But before you embark on the trek back to West London, get a load of these gorgeous shots of Bristol sunsets, sunrises and general foggy beauty, all taken in the past wintry week.

A poignant reminder that this little slice of West Country is infinitely better than your dump of a hometown. (Sorry, but it is). Phwoar.

Sunset over the cathedral Picture: @joshforwood

Beautiful scenes in The Centre Photo: @UrsulaWJ

Wills looking majestic as ever Picture: @rachaelbeckingham

Sunset on Durdham Downs Picture: @2ScottSalter

Dusk (pre-doggers) on the Downs Photo: @mattpgodfrey

Skyline Picture: @realchriskidd

Picture: @PrimeshPatel

Phwoar indeed. Merry Christmas!