End snobbery over Mickey Mouse Degrees, says PM

You may think music studies and golf course management are Mickey Mouse degrees, but David Cameron thinks they’re the future


Golf course management students, rejoice. David Cameron has launched a passionate defence of so-called Mickey Mouse degrees.

The PM says we must end our snobbery towards subjects like “music studies and golf course management”.

In a speech to apprentices in Oxford on Monday, the PM defended vocational degrees and the rise in tuition fees in one hit.

Not everyone hates golf course managers

Not everyone hates golf course managers

He said: ‘‘For many years there’s been a snobbery in this country about some degrees. They were called music studies or golf course management and people thought there must be something wrong with these degrees.”

He went on to say that the bigger ‘contribution’ required course fees means that prospective students are getting choosier about where their money is going. Only the most ‘beneficial’ (read vocational) can succeed.

And Cameron said the rise in tuition fees will begin a Hunger Games-style purge of less useful degrees, adding: “Frankly we’re now going to find out which degrees really benefit people”.

Placing his bet on the vocational courses, the Prime Minister believes that the golf management students will be victorious in the fight for survival.

No Mickey Mouse: PPE graduate Dave is an unexpected fan of golf course management

“Young people aren’t just looking for a degree anymore, they want to know ‘whether this degree will help me get a good job. Where does this leave me in terms of a qualification that will help me to get work?”

A degree in Golf Management Studies at Birmingham University will set you back £27,000, but with an average starting salary of £17,000 you’ll only be paying your loans back for a couple of years.

Thanks to a guaranteed stint mowing grass and shouting at people wearing sandals,  a whopping 130 out of the hundreds of thousands of uni applicants opted for such practical courses as golf management studies.

It really does look like the future of education. A big thank you to Mr Cameron for helping us kids figure out how to spend our money.

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