BNOC Of The Year: Back Your Big Name

Nominations open for BNOC Of The Year: who gets your vote?

At university there are two types of students: those with names, and those with big names. However, there is a question nobody has ever dared ask before: who is the BIGGEST name?

The Tab has decided it’s time to find out which student is the Biggest Name On Campus. They might run your favourite club night, captain your sports team or maybe they’re all over your Facebook and Twitter feed like a bad rash. Whatever the reason, we want you to nominate them!

What Makes A BNOC?

Defining what makes a student into a Big Name is tricky as the process is more art than science. However, that hasn’t stopped us coming up with a few criteria which any nominations must be able to meet.

GROSS POPULARITY – a fellow member of the university community both you and almost everyone else you know are familiar with. Also applies if you pass them on campus, recognise them without knowing where from…and then realise it’s because you’ve Facebook stalked them.

FUNCTIONALITY – a fellow member of the university community who you do not know whose name you hear referred to solely in relation to their function or purpose within said community e.g “oh yeah, you know Mr X, he runs that night Y at club Z”.

INEFFABLE UBIQUITY – a fellow member of the university community whose name you hear all the time without comprehending their function or purpose within said community.

If any names immediately jumped out at you whilst reading the above, let us know! Send their name along with a brief description of why they’re a BNOC. Nominations close Monday 15th April with voting beginning the following day.

Yes it’s a shameless popularity contest. Welcome to university.

Send your nominations to [email protected] or post them in the comments below. Or you can always contact us on Facebook or Twitter.