Website of the week: Gizoogle

Not had enough Snoop Dogg in your life of late? Well that’s about to change.

Fo’ all y’all biotches who bin checkin’ dat Google-machine, y’all shud be dealin’ wit Gizoogle. Y’all get wha’ I say?

Yeaaahh, dat’s rite. Y’all wanna be Snoop Dogg when y’all’s findin’ shiznit? Y’all can be Snoop Dogg when y’all’s findin’ shiznit. Jus’ use Gizoogle. Dat shit cray.

Want to be Snoop Dogg? Then this is the website of your dreams.

OK. We can’t keep this up anymore. If you feel you’ve not had enough Snoop Dogg in your life of late (who has?), you clearly haven’t come across Gizoogle, the Google parody that “gangsters up” the Internet.

For example, Gizoogle “The Tab”, and it’ll tell you: “Da Tab be a crew of newspapers fo’ students based up in London. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch. It was launched all up in tha Universitizzle of Cambridge yo, but has since expanded…”

Even its error messages are funny

Just don’t be too adventurous with your searches (read: don’t click on anything) because Snoop Dogg’s a busy man (read: it doesn’t really work).

Click here to visit Gizoogle.