One arrested after police called to parties at university halls in Bournemouth

Another 12 were reported for breaking coronavirus rules

Police have arrested one person, and reported 12, after being called to deal with large parties at university accommodation.

On Saturday, police received several reports of parties of more than 20 people, at university accommodation in Oxford Road, Bournemouth.

When officers arrived to the address, they had to deal with “public disorder”. One 18-year-old was arrested for “obstructing police,” and a further 12 people, ages between 18-21, have been reported for breaching coronavirus regulations.

Last weekend, a Norwich house party cost its hosts £30,000, as three UEA students were fined £10k each for hosting a large gathering. That party cost more than your entire three-year degree. Last month, a Nottingham student was similarly fined £10,000 for hosting a party.

A Dorset Police spokesman said: “During the evening of Saturday October 17 Dorset Police received a number of reports of parties involving over 20 people at an address in Oxford Road in Bournemouth. Officers attended and it was reported that they had to deal with public disorder at the location.