DECIDED: The best Selly Oak pub golf route

Warning, you will be hanging the next day

Almost every singly UoB student would have taken part in pub golf at some point, either with their mates or maybe as part of a society.

All groups and societies take different routes, as there are a lot of options around Selly Oak, but if you want the most efficient route to enhance the drinking experience, here is the best route to take. That is if you are planning on doing it on Wednesday or Saturday so you can end up at the Guild.

1. The Bristol Pear

The pear is the furthest pub in Selly so it makes sense to start here. There is a bar upstairs and downstairs, both with large seating areas so there is normally always space for large pub golf groups. However, if you are doing pub golf right you shouldn’t even be planning on sitting down, down your drink and leave.

The Bristol Pear has the pub gold drink essential, beers, ciders and spirits. They also have pornstar and espresso martinis on tap, if you’re feeling fancy.

2. Indie Lounge

Indie lounge is the obvious next place after The Bristol Pear, it’s legit a 30 second walk. It’s also a good idea to get to get in there early so you can get in some time for karaoke before the queue gets too big.

3. Tesco express

After Indie Lounge it’s a good idea to head into Tesco express to get a cheap can of something, quickly neck it outside and head to the next location.

4. The Goose

30 seconds down the high street from Tescos is The Goose, the favourite pub of every student in Selly, meaning that it is normally fairly busy so be prepared to queue for your next drink.

The Goose has a large outdoor seating area, so you can really try down your drinks without worrying about spillage (or chun).

5. University Superstore

Next on the list is another shop, so get ready for another on the street downing of a tinny or a VK. You can also get a brand new Elux or Elf bar in here if you’re running low, superstore is Selly’s favourite shop for disposable vapes.

6. (and 7) Circo

Directly next to the superstore is Circo, and if you get in before midnight, which is very probable for pub golf, you will be able to get the drinks deals. So you can count Circo as two holes, as it’s two VKs  for £5.

8. Brooks sports bar

Brooks is a bit of a forgotten gem in Selly, as it’s just off the high street so people tend to ignore it in their pub golf route. But it makes so much sense to go to Brooks.

9. The Guild

The ideal place to end the ultimate Selly Oak pub golf.

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