Madison Peroni

Madison Peroni
Birmingham University


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Brianna Ghey’s Birmingham vigil was interrupted by LGBTQ abuse

A group of men interrupted the vigil by shouting ‘f*ck LGBTQ’ amongst other things

Right, where did those huge red boots on my TikTok FYP actually come from?

You’d think they wouldn’t slay but they do

This is what the famous kids from the classic Christmas movies look like now

Cindy Lou being in Gossip Girl will always shake me to my core

‘It’s performative’: Birmingham slammed after asking staff to donate to student food bank

The university has a £58m budget surplus

2022 UK festivals, ranked by the number of women and non-binary people in their line-ups

Only one festival had more female than male artists

Yordanos Brhane, 19, murdered after saying she did not reciprocate man’s feelings

Her family have said Yordanos had a ‘kind nature’, ‘positive attitude’ and ‘willingness to help people’

Actually useful things uni students can do to help the cost of living crisis

Advice other than just turn your heater off and freeze in winter

25-year-old says she had to be given CPR 30 times after being spiked on a night out

A week later and Tammie-Michelle is still in ‘excruciating pain’

People at Reading are sharing TikToks of their tents getting flooded and it’s chaos

Safe to say I no longer have FOMO

Lily Sullivan, 18, murdered by a 31-year-old man after rejecting his advances

Lily’s family said she ‘was a kind and caring daughter who will be deeply missed by everyone’

13 years since it first aired, here’s what the Modern Family cast are up to now

From podcasts to Tony awards, the Modern Family cast are doing it all

Here’s everything celebrities and influencers have said about Andrew Tate

Your boyfriend supports him, but does your celebrity crush?

Birmingham student ‘catcalled’ and head-butted outside city centre accommodation

Kaz says the experience has made her feel she’s ‘not allowed to live [her] life as a women’

Bad Education love lives: Who are the cast dating in real life?

No, Alfie and Miss Gulliver aren’t dating in real life