What to do during Christmas time in Birmingham

Don’t waste all your winter weekends at Fab, it’s time to branch out

We’re past the halfway point of November and that means one thing: it’s officially Christmas time.

It is really easy to get stuck into a routine whilst at university, all your weekends looking the same and not branching out at all cause it’s too much effort. However, Birmingham is Englands second city and that means there are lots of things you can do to celebrate winter and Christmas.

Ditch Circo and Fab for a few weekends and branch out of your bubble to do things you can only do once a year.

Frankfurt Christmas Market

This is the most obvious, and popular Birmingham festivity spot. The Frankfurt name is due to the German theme throughout the market.

The Frankfurt Christmas Market spans along the whole of New Street with various stalls where you can purchase food, drinks and ornaments. The market ends with a DJ stand that blasts all the best Christmas songs along with some classic bangers too.

The Christmas market is also extremely easy for UoB students to get to. Hop on the train at Selly or University station for a couple quid and get off at New Street station and you will be in the heart of the market.

It is worth noting, the licensing for the market is classed as an out door pub, so if you have your own drinks you may be asked to leave by security.


About a five minute walk from the Frankfurt Christmas Market there is a ice-rink, just by the city centre Library.

The rink is open every day from 10am until 10pm so you could go for a nice day time activity or have a pre-pres ice skate. The ice rink is popular for families on the weekend and means it may be rammed with small children, so it may be worth skipping a few lectures and going in the week.

With valid student ID tickets are £12.

The Birmingham Big Wheel

Right by the ice-rink there is the ‘big wheel’ which is large Ferris wheel.

In the evening the wheel lights up and matches the Christmas aesthetic that is running throughout the city.

The highlight of the wheel is the view from the top, you can see many Christmas sights and buildings across the city centre including the German Christmas Market and Brindley Place.

Cathedral Square Christmas Market

Similar to the Frankfurt market the Cathedral Square Christmas Market will have multiple stands that sell food, drink and other bits and bobs, as well as a healter skelter to bring back those nostalgic memories.

This market is only open until the 18th of December, so you better get there quick if you want to check it out.

Harborne Highstreet

On the weekends in Harbourne to celebrate the World Cup and Christmas there are multiple free activities, including foosball and a football simulator.

There is also a large Christmas tree, Christmas lights and live singers to make enhance the Christmas vibe.

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