The Tab’s alternative guide to Brum

Because there’s a world of wonders beyond Selly

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Do you find yourself hitting up the same spots week after week in Brum? The UK’s second city isn’t all about the Bullring and Nando’s – there’s so much more on offer that’s yet to be discovered.

The Tab has picked a few favourites out, because there’s more to a Thursday night than Vodbull.


When: Every Thursday night

Where: The Nightingale Club, Kent Street

What: Student club night

Located in the heart of Birmingham’s Gay Village, Nightingales, or “Gales” as it’s more commonly called, is probably known to most Brum students for Motion at The Hub or the occasional Sports Night. Unbeknown to most, Gales is home to amazing club nights hosted by drag queens that rival RuPaul. China Dethcrash from Nightingales told The Tab how Gales promotes an inclusive club experience.

China said: “The Nightingale club has been a safe space for queer people for over 40 years. We’re trying to reclaim that vibe now by creating a club space where you can be whoever you feel like on the night – we encourage dressing all the way up, or down- just don’t take it seriously, we will treat you the same if you’re in Givenchy couture, a Poundland wig or jeans.

“We have the luxury of 3 floors and four rooms of music, so you can mince around to camp classics or slither around to house on the top floor and everything in between. We welcome all, and we have some sick events coming up so check us out, and show us your most monstrous.”

Don’t miss Gales first independent event on the top floor, GLITTERSHIT on 20th November

Escape Live

escape live

Benedict Cumberbatch not included

When: Tuesday – Sunday

Where: 39a Henrietta Street

What: Live team problem-solving game

Aimed at the Sherlocks among us, Escape Live is a great whole house activity, and a good alternative to sitting at home in your onesie on a Saturday night with a Roosters watching The X Factor.


It’s a no from me, Simon

Escape Live is a race against the clock, which aims to test your problem solving skills – you and your team are locked in a room and have to solve a series of puzzles to escape within 60 minutes. It’s great fun which can even be tested out at pre’s.

Bacchus Bar


Steady on mate

What: Bar and restaurant

Where: Beneath the Burlington Hotel, opposite New Street Station

Located across the road from New Street Station underneath the Burlington Arcade, Bacchus is literally a hidden gem. Boasting great food and award winning ales, this would make a great alternative to a hangover spoons any day.

Dan White says: “It’s sick and quite cheap.” If that doesn’t convince you to check it out, the mix of medieval and marble decor will.

The Custard Factory Vintage Kilo Sale 

custard factory

So edgy

When: Saturday 21st November, 10pm – 4pm

Where: The Custard Factory, Digbeth

The price of vintage is going up and up, and we all want some cheap wavy garms to look fresh at Fab. The Custard Factory in Digbeth hosts an affordable vintage sale including denim jackets, velvet scrunchies and checked shirts galore, so you’re sure to be looking your best when throwing some serious shapes at Rainbow.

wavy garms

This jumper was less than 50 quid

So honestly, get out there and explore your options further than dirty Selly. Brum really is a beautiful City that deserves its crown as the second capital.