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A restaurant in Birmingham has been crowned the ‘Best Takeaway in Britain’

They were judged by Ainsley Harriott himself

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Here’s how to always look fresh for a 9am after the sesh, by a professional

Because you’re worth it

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Hold on a minute, there’s a lecturer at UoB called Gemma Collins

No, she’s not from Essex

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Bear Grylls is building an adventure park in Birmingham

I’m a student, I can survive anything

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Rainbow has its licence suspended after clubber dies

It happened at the Portal event on Sunday

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The best Halloween costumes for you and your squad

How to be the best dressed posse at any party

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All the things you absolutely must do over reading week

Don’t get bored in birms

All the things they don’t tell you about living in a 10 person flat

You can’t even fit everyone’s names on the Chunder Chart

We all know gym clothing is the only appropriate uni attire, there’s no question about it

Because who has time for anything else?

A bar in Birmingham has been named the top place for gin in the UK

Tonic at the ready

UoB hit the top 20 in the Times Higher Education University Rankings

One of the best uni’s in the country

All the reasons why you should be a pescetarian at university

Nothing fishy about it

Snobs’ entrance stamp leaves woman with chemical burn

Nurse Emily Butler has been left with a permanent mark from the stamp

There’s a pop up vintage kilo sale coming to Selly Oak tomorrow

Clear your diaries – we’re going shopping

Here are the best vegan spots to try out in Birmingham

The lowdown on Birmingham’s best vegan eateries

A love letter to Old Joe

A million tick-tocks later, And here I am trying to tell you that I care

Being a joint honours student; the good and the bad

Is it worth it?

The Tab talks to PeachT

The Birmingham girl gang launch their first event this Thursday at Lab11

There’s literally a giant inflatable obstacle course for adults coming to Birmingham

Alcohol is sold too

How to take the best photo of Old Joe

Can you even take a bad photo of Old Joe?