Snobs’ entrance stamp leaves woman with chemical burn

Nurse Emily Butler has been left with a permanent mark from the stamp

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Emily Butler claimed she was left branded after suffering from a chemical burn after being stamped at the entrance of popular nightclub, Snobs, last Saturday.

A few hours after being stamped at the entrance she felt her wrist begin to burn and now, five days following the incident, she is still left with an ‘S’ clearly burnt into her skin.

She was the only one out of her friends to suffer the burn. Doctors have also confirmed that it is a chemical burn.

Emily Butler, who was celebrating her 28th birthday at the nightclub said: “Like everyone else they stamped my forearm when entering the club with a red triangle containing an ‘S’ in the middle.”

“The next morning I woke up and it began to itch. I tried to wash it off but it wouldn’t disappear. As the day went on it became more and more itchy. I woke up the following morning and the stamp had began to swell and blister – just like an acid burn.”

“I took myself off to A&E and was told it was in fact a chemical burn.”

Snobs’ nightclub are yet to apologise for the incident. Emily explained: “I have been left with no apology and extremely disappointed.”

“But most importantly I’m physically hurt by this and I am unable to fulfil my role as a nurse, as the burn limits my cleanliness when washing my hands sufficiently and gloves irritate the burn and cause me pain.”

The Tab have contacted Snobs for comment but are yet to receive a response.