The Tab talks to PeachT

The Birmingham girl gang launch their first event this Thursday at Lab11

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2017 is all about girl power. It seems that the fashion, music and celeb scene is all about promoting feminism and female empowerment. For example, model Leomie Anderson launched a creative platform for women’s issues with her LAPP The Brand clothing line, Adele gives half of her Grammy to Beyoncé and Sarah Burton unveils an apologetically feminine collection at the AW17 Alexander McQueen showcase.

I sat down to have a chat with PeachT, the new creative collective launched by four female students studying in Birmingham, who are all about promoting girl power in music, clubbing and fashion.

How did you all meet, and what do each of you do as part of PeachT?

We study Media and Communications where Bethan specialises in Music Industries, and Lizzie focuses more on television. Lizzie is communications and production manager, she deals with the logistics, event management, bookings, scouting etc of PeachT. Bethan is the marketing director. She manages, marketing and promotions of the event, branding and creates the visuals. We both run the social medias’. Beatrice Huckle is writing a PeachT magazine which is aimed to showcase female creativity. Ileana Malacrino works for Outre PR and collaborates with us, being our photographer for our shoots.

When did the idea of PeachT come about?

We go out a lot to events in Birmingham like TEKTU, OUSE and Get Together and although we love the nightlife in Digbeth, there is nothing that is ran by girls! Birmingham has such a unique and thriving scene we have always wanted to be a part of, but the line ups, promoters, club owners and brand managers are all men with the same crowd which is really sad. Girls deserve to show that they can put on a sick night too.

Pussy Palace and Bossy LDN are killing it in London and it’s time that Brum have a brand run by girls. Pussy Palace inspires us most because their nights look so unique. They’re all about anti-sexism, anti-racism and equality with their policies and we want to offer the same in Birmingham; people to come to our night full of good vibes and have it off in the best atmosphere, wear what they want, feel liberated and not feel judged. From this we launched PeachT.

We wanted a fun outlet where we can all use our different skills and apply it to our vision of PeachT. What started off as wanting to put on our own night, has turned into an established brand that empowers and promotes female creativity. From there we launched the brand and have used the brand to promote not just music but female creativity through our social medias’ and website. We see PeachT as a movement in showing that the creative industries shouldn’t be male dominated.

What do you hope the ‘PeachT presents: The Boujee Edition’ party will do for the Birmingham club scene?

Through our event, we want to show how great our local female DJs are. We believe there is such a massive gap in the market for our event. There are so many events in Digbeth which all give off the same masculine vibe- even if you look at the promotional material and line-ups they all look the same.

Through our full female DJ lineup and the variety of music, we want to empower them and show guests and industry people that women are just as great. We’ve got some amazing talents playing for us – Fleurescence, Hadler, Jossy Mitsu and Sharnie. Mixing our female line-up with our fun, PeachT vibes, Boujee décor and quirky promo material, we want to inspire other women to do the same; go find some DJs and a venue and put on a night too.

What are the PeachT movement’s next plans?

After this event, we’re hoping to plan another in summer before everyone sets off for their holidays – we’re in third year so one more blow out with a different theme would be amazing. We’re carrying on the PeachT movement by offering other creatives and companies to collaborate with us and promote them through our services.

If you like the sound of PeachT, check out the PeachT presents: The Boujee Edition at Lab 11 this Thursday. Tickets are available below via

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