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UoB’s Best Dressed: Hallowen Edition

Spooky, scary Selly Oak

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‘I just felt sadness’ – UoB’s Islamic Society responds to the Christchurch mosque shootings

The society only recently held their inclusive Discover Islam Week

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500 young people from across Birmingham strike to protest climate change

Hundreds of students flooded the city’s streets

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A vegan festival is coming to Brum this month

Put that dairy away!

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The most annoying things about freshers

We were all one once, but still

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A restaurant in Birmingham has been crowned the ‘Best Takeaway in Britain’

They were judged by Ainsley Harriott himself

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Here’s how to always look fresh for a 9am after the sesh, by a professional

Because you’re worth it

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Bear Grylls is building an adventure park in Birmingham

I’m a student, I can survive anything

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We asked third years about their most memorable experiences of being a fresher

A tale of freshers nostalgia

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Birmingham has been named most improved city in 2017

Why would you want to live anywhere else?

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Stop what you’re doing, you can get free Greggs in Birmingham today

Christmas has finally arrived

The Green Heart Project is the biggest waste of time and here’s why

Are we just paying for a landscaped garden?

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For the lucky ones, here’s how to make the most of reading week

Because we all need the time to compose ourselves

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The best Halloween costumes for you and your squad

How to be the best dressed posse at any party

A definitive list of why freshers are the absolute worst

Ah, to be young and naive again

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All the things you absolutely must do over reading week

Don’t get bored in birms

Here’s the best Clubbers of the week

Dedication to the sesh

Guys, can we take a second to appreciate what a delightful gem Old Joe is?

How much do you really know about him?

All the things they don’t tell you about living in a 10 person flat

You can’t even fit everyone’s names on the Chunder Chart

Exclusive: Part of Birmingham University train station has been burnt down

Police confirmed it was an arson attack