Sophie Webb
Sophie Webb

A UoB academic has been sentenced for committing ‘depraved sexual and physical acts’

He will serve 32 years imprisonment

Fifth biggest earthquake to hit the UK causes chaos in Birmingham

It was 4.7 on the Richter Scale

Everyone stop what you’re doing and rejoice because Joe’s Bar are now offering a post-Fab fry up

All our prayers have been answered

An accidental email blunder suggests UoB supports sexual abuse

Controversy after UoB sends email appearing to support sexual violence

UoB have opened a great new study space which has a whopping 200 study spaces, that’s the overcrowding sorted then

But don’t try going on the weekend

First Dates is coming to UoB

That’s your Valentine’s Day sorted

Only one university spent more per applicant to its mental health services than UoB

According to our Mental Health Rankings 2017

UoB is one of the top 10 most active unis on Bumble

We were ranked sixth in the UK

Over 175 UoB academics have signed an open letter complaining about the Vice Chancellor’s unbelievable salary

Academics have signed an open letter of complaint

A restaurant in Birmingham has been crowned the ‘Best Takeaway in Britain’

They were judged by Ainsley Harriott himself

Rainbow will be closing for good

It was deemed too dangerous to remain open

University of Birmingham counselling service has suspended all sign ups

They have reached full capacity

Hold on a minute, there’s a lecturer at UoB called Gemma Collins

No, she’s not from Essex

Birmingham is one of the ten worst unis in the country for conducting animal testing research

UoB is one of them

Nazi imitators at Snobs leave fellow clubbers disgusted and offended

They were photographed doing the Nazi salute

Guild confirms ‘free periods’ are back

This is not a drill

A student hosted a party at a Greggs last night with free booze and pasties

It was dubbed the ‘Ministry of Greggs’ and I wish I had been there

Spotted: Free periods return to the Guild

We couldn’t be happier

The bin strike is finally ending and we couldn’t be happier

Collections will resume from Monday

Birmingham is the only bidder for 2022 Commonwealth Games

It is estimated it will cost at least £750 million

UoB ranked a top 15 UK university according to the Good University Guide 2018

And yes, we’ve beaten Aston again