Corinna Mason

Corinna Mason
Birmingham University


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Nominations are now open for The Tab Birmingham’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

You can even nominate yourself

A restaurant in Birmingham is giving away £500 and all you have to do is eat a huge chicken nugget

Easy money, right?

Meet the UoB second year who’s starting a Wetherspoon’s society

Cheap booze and food, who’s up for Spoons then?

Pictured: Game of Thrones’ Bran Stark spotted in the Duck and Scholar

Rumour confirmed, winter has come

New £1m superclub Rosies to replace 6 On Broad Street

Goodbye 6, hello superclub

University forgot to give final year Civil Engineering students their exam paper

Students had to wait 45 minutes for their exam paper to be printed

I was refused British citizenship, despite having a British mother

I’ve lived here most of my life

Exclusive: Student called an ‘evil Muslim’ in racist attack at Selly Oak Sainsbury’s

He was confronted by two women who called him ‘scum’

UoB loses second round of University Challenge quarter-finals

We’re out for good

Birmingham takes a battering from Storm Doris

An amber warning has been issued

Trump might come to Brum on his UK visit

He may address the NEC rally to avoid retaliation

Man accused of attacking Selly students is in court

Will the assaults finally come to an end?

UoB loses first round of University Challenge quarter-finals

Greenlees’ fire has burnt out

Paul Sinha from ‘The Chase’ ends up at brum students’ house party

The Sinnerman ‘chased’ the sesh, and the sesh won

UoB aims to restore the extraordinary Municipal Bank

The bank will soon be a part of our campus

Student Minds is hosting a Guide Dog day

Because everyone loves puppies

Selly Oak is one of Brum’s biggest burglary hotspots

It’s not looking good for Teignmouth Road

Less than a quarter of Brum students are working class

Fewer working class students are going to Russell Group unis each year

What’s on: Halloween in Birmingham 2016

All the ‘spooktacular’ events you need to know about

Students fall victim to bike thief on campus

They’ve even taken the ones that are locked up

UoB launches ‘Callmy’, its new security app

The university is finally taking security seriously

‘I could have taken my own life’: student opens up about mental health at UoB

Is the uni really that bad at dealing with mental health?

‘Killer clown’ spotted in Birmingham

It’s happening, they’ve found us

Conman attempts to scam student in Selly Oak

Don’t talk to strangers guys

Man attempts to rob house on Heeley Road

Keep your doors locked in Selly

Clubbers of the week: Welcome Week special

We’re back, bitches

UOB goes through to second round of University Challenge

Big up Brum

The new library has opened and it’s amazing

Just don’t forget your student card

Mistakes every UoB fresher will make

Living in Maple Bank

One in twenty UCL students will be a victim of crime, new study suggests.

Kings’ students were one per cent less likely than UCL students

Three per cent of students at Sussex will be a victim of violent and sexual crime

The Complete University Guide released new statistics

You’re more likely to be a victim of crime if you’re at UoB than UWE

One in 33 UWE students will be victim of crime

We asked Londoners to sum up Scottish people in three words

Classy? Really?

Oxford has been voted the most beautiful university in the UK

Number 1

Everything you get sick of hearing when you’re half Chinese

‘I bet you have a rice cooker’

Confessions: Your worst experiences meeting his parents

Say goodbye to that good first impression

People who have cheated before are more likely to repeat it, says new study

Once a cheater always a cheater

What nightclub staff really think of you

It’s not all bad

Grad Ball tickets selling for £100

Tickets are being sold for double the price

Nine out of ten international students satisfied with UOB

86% of international students would recommend the uni to others

Man stabbed in Cannon Hill Park

Police call for witnesses after a man was stabbed multiple times

Why Birmingham University is the best in the UK

We’ve got fab, what more could you want?

Birmingham Uni ranked third best in UK for producing future CEOs

We’re more successful than Oxford and LSE

Birmingham voted a better city to live in than Hong Kong, Miami and Dubai

Can’t touch this

If you didn’t go home for reading week, you really missed out

You’re almost definitely regretting it by now

Where are the best places to buy booze in Selly?

Because we can’t afford to pre drink at The S’oak

Mason v Victoria Halls: Which is the better halls?

The powerhouses battle it out