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The most annoying things about freshers

We were all one once, but still

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We all have to start somewhere, and most can relate to looking back on their first year with a tinge of regret thinking about all the embarrassing things we all did. The dawn of your second and third year brings new wisdom (we hope) and less cringe. Here are some of the positively ignominious instances of freshers being irritating:

Knocking on your door without arranging a viewing prior

There's nothing worse on a Sunday evening when you just want to curl up and fend off your hangover than having to get up and answer the door to some freshers. Followed by having to sit down and compose a Fab and Fresh post about it, we don't want it happening again. Seriously guys, go through the landlord next time.

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Just one example of the many posts to hit Fab this year

Freshers are getting younger and younger each year

90s babies are a thing of the past! And yes we realise that there's only a couple of years separating us, but still… you were born in 2000?! Do they even know the words to Sk8ter Boi?

Taking up precious library space

Let's be honest, there's barely enough room for us all anyway. Given that your first year doesn't count , why are you even here? That work you think you have to do? Not important, wait till next year, then you'll understand our pain.

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Many floors, many books, zero space

Stealing road signs doesn't make you cool

A rite of passage perhaps, is decorating your first year halls with an abundant array of traffic cones, road signs and anything else that you might discover on your drunk walk home from the streets. But this is definitely a habit to leave behind in your first year! Oh and the same goes for lining up your empty bottles in the window. Not a good look. Honestly.

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There is literally no room for these in Selly houses

Getting waaaaay too drunk on a night out

Yep we can all relate to this one, and in the case of some (myself included) this doesn't just happen in your first year. But plagues you for the entirety of your duration at uni. The quest to find the happy medium between being nicely buzzed and off your face is a hard one (which you'll probably never learn)

Freshers, they're super annoying but remember you were one once. Give them a break, help them out, they'll be second years before you know it.