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The most annoying things about freshers

We were all one once, but still

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All the realities of redoing first year at UoB

Can you hack fresher’s two years in a row?

All the things I’ll miss about being a fresher

Getting a 2:2 and not having to worry about it

What have we really learnt from first year?

Quite a bit actually

Fresher breaks into flat using tin foil after forgetting to take keys to Fab

His keys were on his bed

We did a night out with the cricket team and it was insane

Sticky wicket much?

Absolutely everything you’ll need to survive halls

You’re about to find out where Made in Mason comes from

Leggy Birmingham fresher vying for Miss England crown

All 5ft 10″ of her

Annual football bonanza will be played in honour of Ollie Feast

The fresher passed away earlier this year

Second year passes out after she is stalked home by boys in UoB sports hoodies

The Guild are now investigating

Fresher mowed down in ‘horrific’ car collision on the way to Sports Night

Students were left traumatised by the sight of a “motionless” body lying next to the vehicle

Freshers: Expectations Vs. Reality

Giving you a more realistic, i.e. less bullshit, take on the fresher experience

12 things you should have known before uni

Whether you’ve graduated or just finished your first year, here are ten things you should have known…