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UoB’s Best Dressed: Hallowen Edition

Spooky, scary Selly Oak

birmingham Halloween

Everyone knows that the Birmingham campus is home to some absolute fashion icons, but spooky season has created another breed all together – Brum's best halloween costumes have really put your group zombie look to shame. From scary to cute to downright hilarious, this list has it all – meet UoB's best dressed, Halloween edition.

Ella, 2nd Year, English

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Showing everyone up with these deadly makeup skills

Jake, 3rd Year, Accounting and Finance; Harry, 2nd Year Business Management; Connor, 2nd Year, Business Management; Harry, 2nd Year, International Business

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Ooooh friends!!!

Inaara, 21, Law

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"If I'm gonna be a clown 364 days of the year I might as well be Georgie for once"

Rachel, 3rd Year, PRE

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Yalini, 22, Dentistry and Bren, 21, Politics

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"Mr and Mrs Dripula"

Holly, 2nd Year, English Lit and Lang

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Great way to check if your student house is haunted

Emma, 3rd Year, History and Luca, 3rd Year, History and Theology

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Is anything actually scarier than Brexit?

Nadia, 3rd Year, International Relations and Laura, 4th Year, International Security and Terrorism

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Imogen, 2nd Year, Psychology

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Really grape costume

Stephanie, 21, Business Management and Tom, 21, PPE

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"I'm going to pollinate him later"

Arjun, 3rd Year, Mechanical Engineering

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Repping that iconic Selly skyline

Jo, 4th Year, Medicine

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Think we can all agree this one defo wins