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What your group Halloween costume says about you and your mates

None of you will be friends past second year

We all know that your halloween costume is the most important decision you'll make over the course of the year – what else could give you a wildly accurate insight into your exact personality? But if you opt for a group costume, the results are even more revealing – whether you and your mates go spooky, sexy or sweet, we can tell you exactly how you all operate, exactly what you're all about. Prepare yourselves – this is going to cut deep.

Devils and angels

You and your mates will never be seen without one another – you're all so codependent that simply heading to the shops without the others is the worst kind of betrayal. Your group chat is full of screenshots, funny tweets and each others nudes (got to make sure you're sending the best one!), and you wouldn't have it any other way.

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Minimal effort and high impact, just like you and your mates. You enjoy watching the boxing at the pub, downing pints, and your house makes make Roosters look hygienic. None of you can cook, so most of your student finance goes on group trips to Dilshads.

Sexy nurses/ police officers/ soldiers/ cats/ pumpkins/ literally anything

You're all fun, flirty and frequently run out of swipes on Tinder, but none of you actually leave the house unless it's for uni, gym, or (more realistically) to collect a takeaway. You all have way more fun watching The Chase and drinking cups of tea with each other on the sofa six nights a week than you ever could with a boyfriend anyway.

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Harry Potter

For you and your mates, there's absolutely nothing better than an old fashioned debate as to whether Snape was really a bad dude or not (answer, yes). Yes, debating which house you'd be in was wholesome five years ago, but it's 2019 and you're 22 years old – read another book, please.

Game of Thrones

For you guys, nothing was better than Bran Stark joining (and then promptly dropping out of) UoB, and life has pretty much gone downhill from there. You possibly have less of a personality than Harry Potter fans, and that's saying a lot.

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None of you will ever put your phone down, lest you miss out on tagging each other on the latest Brumfess. But hey, at least the insta stories are cute.

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The Spice Girls

According to Instagram, you’re all living your best lives, complete with a #girlgang post every weekend, constant boomerangs of clinking cocktail glasses, and a semi ironic ‘live laugh love’ sign in the living room. But although you all Wannabe best mates forever, the second one of you gets a boyfriend (he’s on the football team, ofc) things will never quite be the same, and you’ll all have a horrific argument and stop being mates half way through third year when that dissertation stress hits.

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Suicide Squad

Your friendship is formed out of coincidence as opposed to real connection, the collective prison of first year halls creating a deep(ish) bond. Realistically, the only thing you actually have in common is the fact you’re all pretty bad people and won’t rat each other out for cheating after an especially heavy sports night.

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Marvel Avengers

You're the sexier, nicer, and more popular version of your Suicide Squad mates, but you're all just still a bit basic. You probably all met playing something like Ultimate Frisbee, because no-one was quite athletic enough for Rugby or Football.

The Scooby Gang

Let’s be honest, we all know what Shaggy was really on, and you and your mates won’t hesitate to indulge in a few of those ‘scooby snacks’ as well. But that’s pretty much the only thing interesting about you and your group, and by the time you get to final year, it’s all a bit boring – the only major mystery here is at which point you all lost your personalities.

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Just covered head-to-toe in fake blood

You don’t need to know the ins and outs of each other’s lives, but you’re always there when needed, whether it’s a big pres or an absolutely banging afters. You wouldn’t rely on this group to talk you through a break up (that’s what home friends are for, right?), but they’re the ones who you can chat absolute bollocks with over a plate of cheesy chips and chicken nuggets at four in the morning, and that’s what really counts.

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Something political

It really doesn't matter whether you and your mates are left wing, right wing, or anything in between. This costume means you're all boring as fuck – no one wants a group of every failed Brexit deal turning up at their party do they?

(But also, please, for the love of god, register to vote.)