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Meet UoB’s best dressed on campus: October edition

did someone call for some fashion icons?

UoB is firmly back in session, and after a summer of fierce festival fashion, it's safe to say that most of us have safely settled back into the classic student lewk of a jumper and leggings. If we're being really honest, pajamas to lectures is fully acceptable again, and we're loving every minute.

However, a small selection of the UoB student population are keeping things fresh, wavvy and fashion forward, still dressed to impress despite their 9am. That's right – it's time to meet UoB's best dressed on campus, October edition.

Esther, 18, Geography and planning

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"I'm a mix of vintage vibes and Urban Outfitters combined."

George, 20, Sociology

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"My main fashion inspiration is the #fashion post on Instagram, combined with random people I see in the street."

Angela, 19, Psychology

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I'd describe my look as jungle fever meets Vogue."

Rebekah, 20, English Literature

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"A lot of what I wear is sustainable – the jumper I'm wearing is made from 100 percent recycled bottles. Aside from that, I tend to go for the classic 80s dyke look."

Dan, 23, Business

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"I'm pretty poor, so I really like to go charity shopping. Get a nice jacket, sausage t-shirt, and there you go."

Robin, 19, French and Spanish

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"I like 70s vibes and brown tones – I'd say that brown is my general autumn aesthetic this year."

Mohamed, 20, Business and languages

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"I'd describe my look as casual, chilled and comfy – I dress like this every day."

Warda, 23, Social Policy

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"I really like 90s style – oversized clothes and minimal designs please."

Georgia, 19, French, Spanish and Russian

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"I would say that Zendaya is my fashion inspiration. But that doesn't really filter into what I wear on day-to-day, because she has a lot more money than me."

Paul, 21 Business

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"This is pretty casual – I'd dress smarter than this when I'm in France."