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Here’s how to always look fresh for a 9am after the sesh, by a professional

Because you’re worth it

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We all know the age old struggle, it’s a Stuesday night, students all throughout Selly are preing and the sesh is calling for you to join in the fun. Despite having a 9am the next day the FOMO is simply too much to handle, and the call of 3 VK’s for £5 is almost impossible to turn down.

You may trick yourself into believing that you’re only going for pres, and then you’ll head home so you can wake up bright and fresh in the morning, or that you’ll only go out for one drink and you’ll be tucked up in bed by one o’clock.

But we all know that once you’ve put those grimy dancing shoes on you’ll be boogieing all night long, with all thought of lectures and responsibility long gone. So if you too are a victim to the insistent call of the sesh, here’s how to make sure that you’re looking, if not always feeling fresh enough to make it to that 9 am.

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Pre-set your alarm clock

Do this before you go out with one going off every five minutes to force yourself to actually wake up in the morning. Drunk minds are not always great at remembering these sort of things and if you don’t you will definitely sleep through that early morning seminar.

While you’re at it make sure you have your bag ready and by the door with everything you will need for class the next day. This may seem like an annoying parental lecture from the days of high schools past, but when you want to sleep in for as long as physically possible it’s good to have everything prepared and your less likely to forget anything important in your fragile hungover state.

Water. Water. And some more water.

It’s your best friend after a heavy night, drink it by the gallon before heading off to bed and make sure it’s the first thing you do the next morning as soon as you wake up. Leave a bottle by your bed before you head out so that you don’t forget or lose the will to leave your bed at the thought of having to trek all the way to the kitchen for a glass of this life saving liquid. Use it to quickly wash down some painkillers to help kill off that hangover you can feel coming on already.

Dress for comfort

You’ve probably fallen asleep in your clothes from the night before, so just chuck on an oversized comfy jumper over those basic black jeans and put those grotty trainers back on and you’re good to go. Since this is the staple outfit of many a uni student no one will even know secret and you’ll blend right in. There’s not much time for a shower, you weren’t going to get out of bed that early, so definitely go to town with the deodorant.

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Coffee is my best friend

Freshen up that face

Makeup wise, if you had anything left on your face wipe it off quick and don’t bother to reapply. Shaky hands don’t make for the best winged eyeliner looks. Moisturise a lot to look slightly more alive and concealer is all you need to hide the bags under your eyes and leave you looking fresh faced.

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will these cover up the bags under my eyes?


If you can stomach the thought of food, now’s the time to grab something quick and stodgy to keep you going, and hopefully soak up any alcohol that’s still swirling around in your stomach. If not grab a cereal bar for later in class when you might start to feel the urge for some much needed energy. You could also grab a tea or a coffee on your walk to campus to sip on and keep that hangover at bay for as long as possible.

If you can actually follow any of these steps and make it to your 9am I applaud you, your commitment to both your education and the sesh is inspirational. You definitely deserve that first.