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We asked third years about their most memorable experiences of being a fresher

A tale of freshers nostalgia

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It's that time of year again, when the new intake of university freshers embark on a new and exciting chapter of their lives. Of course, any freshers experience is an important aspect of university life, whether it's bonding with your new flatmates over a bottle of Tesco everyday value vodka or joining a new society or sport, all whilst learning to cope with the everyday demands of being, at least in theory, an independent adult.

Your memories can become a moment of triumph or a mark of shame in the subsequent years to come. We asked third years to divulge their most memorable experiences from first year, along with some top tips for all you freshers on the year ahead.

Georgia, Spanish Studies

'Getting kicked out of my 9am lecture for still being drunk… Advice? Don't eat soup before a night out under any circumstances!'

Anna, International Relations with Political Science

'For Halloween, my flatmates and I dressed as prisoners; one of them was so committed to his costume that he agreed to let us shave his head.'

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Always be prepared to support any controversial decisions

Imogen, International Relations

'I was woken up in the middle of the night by the fire alarm. Upon running into the kitchen, I found my flatmate, passed out, sat upright with a block of cheese on his lap and a knife in his hand – the smoke was coming from the oven, where we later discovered a despairing sight of charred chicken nuggets. He was completely oblivious to the alarm and only woke up after we pretty much slapped him.'

Sophie, Criminology

'After a night out, my flatmates and I stayed up until morning, just drunk-bonding! I also loved meeting people outside my halls, so don't be afraid to try new things, even if you have no-one to go with.'

Asher, Political Science

'Some of my flatmates and I decided to move a sofa into somebody's bedroom while they were at Stuesdays – they were not pleased! If I could give any advice, it would be to make the most of uni life and always have fun.'

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Hannah, Computer Science

'Having had one too many glasses of wine, I attempted to take the train back to Selly Oak, but ended up getting on the wrong platform, only to arrive very confused at New Street. Moral of the story: always check the train you're getting on is going in the right direction!'

Finally, if there's anything to take from the statements above, it's that being a fresher is a unique and perhaps unusual experience. You'll find many moments challenging as you adjust into this, but being a fresher only happens once, so relish every good, bad, funny or despairing moment as part of this experience. By the time you reach third year, you will feel truly nostalgic.